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Facials in Bedlington

Discover radiant skin with one of our range of bespoke facials. 


We offer a peaceful sanctuary to relax and unwind; a place to re-charge your batteries and a haven from the strains of modern living.

Facials in Bedlington

What are the different types of facial?

Prescriptive Facial

For clients who want to see real improvements as well feel completely pampered.
This facial will be tailored to address your specific skin needs, using a blend of aromatherapy based products to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and massage to leave your skin glowing, hydrated and replenished.

Holistic Facial

Based on technique rather than products, to achieve a smoother, brighter complexion. Facial massage relaxes and releases taut muscles, increases circulation to boost nutrients and oxygen, increases lymphatic flow to aid the removal of toxins, boosts cellular activity to rejuvenate the skin

Energyze Skincare is proud to also be providing their clients with facials from the Eve Taylor range.


Eve Taylor started her career in the 1960's when she became fascinated in the art of aromatherapy. She created her own range of pre-blended oils along with specific techniques and treatment methods  - many of which are still used today. The business is family run, UK based and believes in only using high quality, natural ingredients which are sustainably sourced.

Eve Taylor products positively enhance the skin and well being of my clients as they restore balance with the purest ingredients and 100% natural blends. The products are versatile, focused on the specific needs of the client and driven by results.


None of the products contain artificial ingredients, perfumes, or anything else that may irritate the skin. All of the packaging is fully  recyclable and the business works alongside the  Trees for the Future initiative which ensures a tree is  planted for each product that is sold.

Eve Taylor does not believe in animal testing and the majority of the range is vegan friendly.

The skin care and body care products are professional, affordable, proven, trusted and uncomplicated – which makes them increasingly popular for use in both beauty salons and at home.

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